Amazing Selling Machine

Many people succeed selling in Amazon after taking the Amazing Selling Machine.

Some sell fitness related products, while others sell phones and other technologies.

A lot of online sellers have already earned revenue that hit millions in a year.

Let us try to find out the ingredients of this success.

What is an Amazing Selling Machine? 

Amazing Selling Machine is the best training course that helps businessmen become successful in Amazon FBA. It is a digital course that gives a thorough walk on the steps in creating a quality product in the Amazon marketplace. This course was launched in 2016 by its creators – Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, taught by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. The course focuses on how to leverage an undeniable brand power in Amazon and sell products to more than 310 potential customers all over the world. Based on the survey conducted by the people behind the Amazing Selling Machine, students of this course generated more than $8.6 billion in revenue.

The course undergoes an updating, it has a current version 11, from ASM 5 in 2015. The present version, ASM 11, was launched in 2019. It is updated based on the changes in demand. It is no longer awe how this generates a billion revenue.

What are the contents of the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine consists of eight modules and many other vital resources. The first thing that you will see inside the course is a Welcome Module. It is all about the ASM process and the proper mindset you should have. You will learn to get up and how to succeed in this course. It is where you will get an introduction to all the features and benefits of ASM.

Module 1. Build the Product List

You will learn to start how to set up an account for an Amazon seller. You will find out the right products that you can sell on Amazon and select the product which you should sell.

Module 2. Suppliers, Samples, and Profits

In this part, you will learn how you can source out your products from the USA and China. You will know the process on how you can get a sample and evaluate the potential product. Then, after doing so, how to move forward or not with it.

Module 3. Ordering Inventory and Brand

At this part, you will know how to create a brand name, design the package, and get an inventory of products that you can sell online.

Module 4. Build the Brand Asset

Through this module, you can build the brand of your website and set up social media profiles to succeed.

Module 5. Perfect Product Page

An excellent listing in Amazon is essential to make selling the product a success. You will learn the eight components of a superior product page.

Module 6. The Perfect Product Launch

If the product page is live, you need to get so much traffic that will make a conversion. You will find out the ASM product launch strategy for ranking to get your sales and reviews.

Module 7. Advanced Traffic Tools and Marketing

At this part, you will discover how to use the sponsored ads in Amazon to get traffic. Then create a raving customer support service system that will keep your clients happy.

Module 8. Taking Business Up

It is the last part of the module, and you will learn to scale your business up and increase sales revenue. You will get more information on how to build a team to help you grow.

What is a Private Resource Vault?

The Private Resource Vault is the area in which you can download the PDF files related to the video lesson of the course. So after watching the lesson, you will find the associated PDF files very helpful. Keep these files as your reference and implement whatever you have learned. Besides, other relevant downloads are mentioned in a specific lesson. So besides the PDF files, you may get some templates that the course creator is talking about.

Private Resource Vault also contains the links of the best tools and services. Amazing Selling Machine finds this beneficial tool resources in its business. I like this portion, but I also noticed that some companies mentioned offering exclusive deals only for members that ASM offers and not for ASM students alone.

What are the bonuses included at Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine does not only offer the modules, the additional features, and the private vault but also offer bonuses. These bonuses provide so much value. These bonuses include the following:

  • FBA toolkit in Amazon with a cost value of $8 220.
  • The product research feedback that costs $297
  • Product listing and review or feedback, which is $297 value.
  • Follow up sales template at $297 value.
  • Product images that cost $214.
  • A group converts a silver account that amounts to $197.

What are the additional contents in the Amazing Selling Machine?

Currently, six additional features are now available in Amazing Selling Machine. In short, the module was refreshed. There are already 20 videos found in the course that provides lessons and steps that are easy to follow. You can create an Amazon business quickly.

Set of 8 Weekly Coaching

This is a brand new feature where there will be a coaching activity through a phone call. It is a live coaching call that highlights the Amazing Selling Machine. Mike Clary and Rich Henderson will host the chance for you to get all your questions answered.

Launch Strategies of Dan

Dan’s team can manage $12 million in sales yearly. He will discuss the strategies that he employs to be ready to launch a successful brand.

Branding Suite 

It is a set of tools that are automated. It makes building your brand on Amazon easier.

Market Research Extension

This is a new tool that can help you find an opportunity to see what to sell that generates high volume but low competition.

Private Sourcing

Amazing Selling Machine will find three suppliers. They will negotiate the quantity of minimum order and the price.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine Private Community?

If you are a member of the ASM private community, you will get lifetime access to the most exclusive private community of entrepreneurs that are now successful. They are unbeaten in building the Amazon business. Some of the entrepreneurs in the community include the multi-million dollar sellers who have been doing Amazon business for seven years already.

You can have access to this online community when you need to meet, network, and build relationships with similar-minded entrepreneurs. You will learn new opportunities and strategies from these entrepreneurs. So you will never have to feel alone. You will find a tribe in this alliance.

What is the Price of an Amazing Selling Machine?

The ASM 11 offers the course for an amount of $4 997 for just a one-time fee. If it is too high for you, you can take the payment plan option available. This plan will make six monthly installments that cost $997 each month. The price is similar to the ASMX, and an increase of $1 002 from ASM 9.

Compared to other courses, ASM offers the best guarantee. You can get a 30-day guarantee to finish some modules. When you think it does not work for you, you can file for a moneyback request. Besides this, there is a 6-month guarantee called Buy-Back Promise. It means that you can try and implement the information and tips from the course within six months. If you change your mind and you don’t want to continue, ASM will buy the Amazon business you have started for the cost of the course and an additional $5000 for the product inventory. So, if you have the time and you are willing to take an effort for the course, taking this course is risk-free.

Amazing Selling Machine does not offer discounts or any coupon codes. However, there is a special deal for members such as the ManageByStats and the JungleScout. If you like, join the ASM membership program as soon as possible because the prices vary. Do not wait until the price locks up so high. Whenever you are a member, you can also take advantage of the new version of the course once new content is added or updated.

What are the Pros of Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine offers a lot of advantages. Some of these benefits re the following:

  • The course is complete from the beginning to the end. It guides you along the way and holds your hand to reign in your Amazon store.
  • The lessons are divided down into manageable chunks. The PDF file supplements the materials from the modules.
  • You can get an answer to any question you may have because of the FB group forum. It will give you access to ASM mentors.
  • The coaching calls and the recordings are advantageous.
  • The badge system gives more motivation and provides a sort of gamification.
  • There is a discount tool, such as JungleScout and ManageByStats.
  • The course is updated, and you can always have access to the updates if you are a member.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and Buy-Back Promise, so when you purchase the course, your act comes with a little risk or no risk at all.

What are the cons of Amazing Selling Machine?

One of the biggest cons of this training program is the cost itself. The amount of $4997 is costly for some people. So, not all business entrepreneurship minded people can afford such an amount. So, for some people, the price point is highly prohibitive. Second, if you will not take action now, it is not worthy. You need to invest more before getting the peak of the business. Lastly, the course is missing some advanced topics which should be tackled in the course. It includes sales tax and email-follow ups. But the tool to use to follow up on the sellers is discussed a little bit in the updated content.

What are other courses aside from Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is not the sole Amazon FBA training course available in the market. There are so many Amazon FBA courses available in the market. Some of them are also an excellent resource in learning Amazon FBA. I happened to hear two podcasts from Scott Voelker. The first one is the Amazing Seller Podcast, and the other one is the Amazing Seller Facebook group. Scott adds new input every time and them, and he is an active member of the community.

The second podcast I really like is the AM/PM podcast from many Coates. He is the owner of the helium 10. He shares plenty of tips and strategies in his podcast. So, I recommend that you subscribe to these two podcasts if you are really interested to learn about Amazon FBA products.

What makes Amazing Selling Machine different from the rest?

Amazing Selling Machine is different from other courses. One significant difference is the updated content with the live coaching call. Other variations include but not limited to, the following:

  • Eight modules that are fresh and updated with contents
  • 120 videos in total will make you thoroughly understand how to create an Amazon FBA business.
  • Private resource board that provides access to the best resources in building a profitable Amazon FBA business
  • There are eight weekly coaching calls from the hosts like Rich Henderson and Mike McClary.
  • Access to automation tools gives access to marketing tools for a thriving online market.
  • Access to a brand launchpad for six months.
  • The use of Helium 10 improves the product listing. You will get access to this platform for 90 days.
  • Access to ManageByStats for 12 months is available. It is an app that helps send an automated reminder email to the customers to improve your product listing. It has an integrated feature that assists in tracking the listing traffic, ranking, inventory, and profit.
  • You will have access to the brand new business model of Amazing Selling Machine. From the dashboard, here you can find the statistics of the business. This dashboard will have so much of your time than log in and check the statistics of an individual product. ASM dashboard will help streamline the workflow of the business.
  • The course contains quality and implementable content.

What are the tools that only the Amazing Selling Machine has?

The creators behind the ASM spend millions of dollars in developing software to help you grow your eCommerce business. These are the following:

Email Automation

It is the ever first amazon email tool for buyers. If your store is reducing sales, this tool will automatically send an email to the buyers to ask for feedback or get more product reviews. This strategy will help you get more insights to grow your store.

Product Research Tool

It is a tool that sorts the massive collection of products from Amazon and gives you opportunities to see the high sales volume and find the products that the non-members do not even know that it exists. Knowing the right products to sell brings more profit than selling products that are not performing high.

Rank Tracking

This tool gives access to a vital device in growing the business. It is a keyword tracker, and most of the income in Amazon has something to do with the keyword rankings. Knowing your current rank is critical. With the use of this tool, you will be able to track an unlimited number of keywords that saves you time from finding out the keywords that will rank.

Product Optimizer

You need an optimized product listing, and Product Optimizer can help you accomplish this. You can create a comprehensive listing that will guide you in using the correct keyword and maximize the ranking and visibility.

Keyword Research

This tool gives you access to the proprietary keyword. It pulls data from the Amazon database to see these products and knows it at your advantage. It shows how to use the best keywords you should target.

Why should you join Amazing Selling Machine?

If you will observe, the life path starts from going to school, working for the government or for other businessmen for 45 years and more until hopefully retire. At this point, you just get to relax and have some fun. However, life should not be like this. You don’t really have to wait until you become 60 or 65 years old to achieve the type of life that you desire. If you dream of traveling and living the life you have ever imagine. You can do the hobbies that you like to do, which you have been setting aside lately. You can spend time on your loved ones every day that you desire. For you to do this, you must have your own source of income because if you become dependent on other people, you will not become financially free.

Amazing Selling Machine will help you see the blueprint to build your own career. You will see the picture on how to leverage millions of dollars from international power, the world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon. Wherever you live in the world and whatever business you think of, you can build your own brand.

If you have the skills on how to find quality suppliers using Alibaba, you can quickly build your brand and sell the products that will make the conversion. You will learn how to make sales and use prime discounts. You can take advantage of Amazon’s internal advertising and the Facebook advertising system. If you combine these tools in systematic marketing, you can make your product ranks high.

Amazing Selling Machine will help you level up and meet the financial style that you have ever dreamed of. Whatever is your goal, always stay focused on your business.

Can I join Amazing Selling Machine even I am outside the US?

May be you are wondering if you can take the Amazing Selling Machine course and do Amazon business even if you don’t live inside the United States. Well, the answer to this question is yes. They have members of this platform coming from all over the world. You can sell at Amazon wherever you are. May it be, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, or Amazon Japan. You don’t have to worry wherever you live. It will help you set up on Amazon.

Can you manage Amazing Selling Machine even if you work full time?

If you are thinking of how much time you need to run this business, it doesn’t take long. It is like the time spent when paying bills and taking care of other obligations in life. If you are thinking if you don’t have time, then you get to believe that time is necessary, just like how important it is for other entrepreneurs. So, if you think about it, if other Amazon sellers can show you how to build and save time, then you can figure out that right now, they have more free time than ever. So, why don’t you sign up now and take advantage of the free time you will achieve?

Make a list of the things that you consistently do to make money. You can improve this possibility to get more income and wealth. Try to wake up about 30 minutes earlier than you usually do and go to bed 30 minutes later. You may find at the early stage that you don’t have a lot of time in a day to get this business on the ground, but if you decide to make at least 30 minutes of your time daily, you can surely do this business.

After you launch your business, decide how much of your time you can put on in a day regardless of your other obligations. This way, you can put the time to grow your business. There is no age limit as to where you can start doing business. You can be a college student and do this business. I think that this chance comes with a little risk.

Is it possible to meet your financial needs using a single product?

Thousands of products are available at Amazon, and these sell $100 000 or more in a month. There are times when a single product can cover your financial goal for a month. You can get the profit that you desire. Typically, the profit margin after all the costs are deducted, including the cost of the product, shipping, and Amazon fee is about 20 to 40%. For example, you made a sale in a month for a total of $10 000, you can earn a potential profit of $2000 to $4000. You can use this profit for additional investment to grow your business.

Once your product has been established, you only have a little task to do, such as keeping the inventory and responding to customer service emails or calls. Amazon takes care of most of the customer service, shipping, and process. Keep your marketing products stay ahead of your competitors. Once you already establish the entire business, you can already start hiring for staff to take over some tasks that require your time. Having enough time, effort, and strategy, you can grow your business as large as you want. Just focus on plans to market your products and sell the products to places. If you combine your time, effort, and marketing skills, you can achieve your financial goal.

Do you think the Amazing Selling Machine will work for you?

The answer to this question will surely depends on you. ASM is not for everyone, it is only for people who are willing to take action. You have to dedicate a time to watch the videos several hours a week and make an outline to implement them. If your time still permits, it is helpful if you will attend to live to coach. Remember that you have to take action. Each module is designed for you to complete and act on it.

When you finish the course, you have to understand that selling on Amazon has challenges to face. You need to hit the roadblocks, and asking for help can help avoid this or solve this. The mentors and the members of the alliance community can help you. Make sure to build a stable relationship.

What is the Refund Policy of Amazing Selling Machine?

You currently have two options. The first is to do nothing while the second is to do something to improve your life. The second option is probably the best.

Act now and do something. You need to secure your spot and get out of the comfort zone you keep having. Just get in the program by joining the thousands of students of Amazing Selling Machine. Watch the lectures through the videos and check some information from the community. You can also source out from the private resources.

Try the full program and see what is inside the ASM. There is a 30 day check out risk-free to try the comprehensive plan and experience the course. If you think that it is not something for you, then you can get a 100% refund.

What are the Secrets of Amazing Selling Machine?

Before you purchase the course, know the secrets that ASM can give you.

Internet is a mammoth of information, but whether or not the site can be trusted is something that you have to find out. In this article, every piece of information has been verified based on research and experience.

Amazing Selling Machine is a program that will make you build your Amazon store online from starting on a scratch. You will get your own business running using your own brand. This program was designed and created to help beginner entrepreneur that are financially struggling and not getting a great result. So if you purchase the course, you will find out the fundamentals in selling high-quality products and cutting edge techniques for marketing.

Currently, ASM has over 30 000 members located from different parts of the world. These members are coming from 138 countries, and these members have made a significant amount of money. It is estimated that they have sold more than 8.69 billion in the business that they have created. Amazing Selling Machine is featured on Forbes CNBC, Business Insider, and Success Magazine. They work with entrepreneurs and business leaders like John Lackey, Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Robert Kiyosaki, and Dave Asprey. ASM is probably the most successful program created in history.

Is Amazing Selling Machine worth your money?

Training programs and courses like AMS help the students understand the process of doing this business. Knowing these will help you to take action if you want to succeed in your dream. It does not matter the type of niches that you are currently interested in. You need to know and understand the customer’s needs, the market scenario, the cost, and the potential for profit. After getting the statistics, act more. You need to get into the business. Once you are in, you have to implement the knowledge that you get.

Courses do not give damn magic to make you rich. But you will get magic of enlightening your thinking and knowing where to begin, what to do to grow and sustain. Creating a fantastic business in Amazon is not easy, but it is possible. Ultimately, if you do, you will succeed and change your lifestyle. So, if you think of competing in the world’s market, give this tool a try. eCommerce is continuously evolving, and what you need are the latest strategies and growing brand. You will get lifetime access and updates. So, you will be getting the latest and the best information possible. The course is very detailed and, so beginners and experts alike can benefit from his course.

What are Your Final Thoughts on Amazing Selling Machine?

Making a business on Amazon can become a life-changing chance. Anyone can do it if you have the time, dedication, and skills. Amazing Selling Machine can help you step by step from the beginning to the end. The knowledge that you will get from this course will become your weapon as you start your journey to becoming an Amazon seller. If you decide now, nothing can stop your life-changing success. You will not lose money because ASM has a money-back guarantee.